You Want What’s Best For Your Clients. So Do We.

We want what’s best for our clients so we are selective with our broker relationships. We don’t just work with anyone. We work with the best to deliver the best. The best healthcare options, at the best cost, with the best customer service. We’re all in, and our brokers are too.

We offer a full range of self-funded benefit options. At the heart of our benefits model is:

  • Cost containment
  • Plan flexibility
  • Cost transparency
  • Regional and national networks
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Telemedicine
  • Wellness programs
  • Stop-loss coverage

Rise Above The Status Quo

Across the country more and more businesses are turning to self-funding as a viable alternative to fully insured models.

As prices continue to rise and employers grow weary of yearly premium increases, the fully insured status quo just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Can your clients afford to overlook self-funding?

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  • Plan information
  • Documentation
  • Claims data


Broker Testimonial

Coeur understands the unique set of challenges brokers face today. They are true partners and just as invested in the success of my clients as I am.